Are you going for an all cotton wrap or for a wrap with a blend? Every material has it’s own characteristics which make the wrap extra sturdy, soft or breathable.

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Linen >>

Breathable and toddlerworthy, does that combination exist? Sure, a wrap with linen is both. Ideal for moms and babies who overheat easily. Linen is incredibly strong, you can wear your heavy toddler easy in a wrap with linen. When it’s new, you wrap probably needs some breaking in but with a bit of love most wraps will soften up easy.

Wool >>

Wraps with wool are sublime. Wool is breathable, ventilating and temperature regulating which makes it the nicest wrap for summer and winter period. Wool is a bit stretchy and has a bit of bounce while wearing. This makes wrapping very easy and comfortable.

Silk >>

A wrap with silk is lovely soft and supple straight from the box, with a slight sheen. A soft wrap doesn’t meen less strong, the addition of silk to a wrap has no effect on the strength. By the use of silk, wraps can have some irregularities. That is normal, it doesn’t have effect on the quality of your wrap. Are you going for a wrap with silk? You can be sure it’s 100% babyproof!

Bourette silk is a sort of silk with a bit more structure and less shine to it. A wrap with bourette is more grippy and better for bigger children or experienced wrappers.

Hemp >>

Hemp is an incredible strong fiber, which makes the wrap suitable for your toddler or pre-school child. They soften up easily, but stay strong after use. The more heavy wraps aren’t suitable for small babies, but with the lighter wraps you can also wear a small baby nicely. With hemp you will have a wrap that doesn’t need gentle use!

Bamboo >>

Just like cotton, bamboo is of plant origin. Bamboo is a fast growing fiber and doesn’t need pesticides or fertilizer to grow the plant and keep it healthy. Bamboo has a nice shine, is very moldable and is known for it’s antibacterial characteristics. A wrap with bamboo feels cool and soft.

Repreve >>

Repreve is made of recycled PET-bottles and it doesn’t contain BPA. The PET-bottles are cleaned thoroughly and cut up to flakes, the flakes are made to Repreve fiber and they are made to yarns that some brands use in their wraps. Repreve feels very soft from the beginning, is moldable, has a nice drape and is temperature regulating.

Tencel® >>

TENCEL® is made of pure natural wood pulp and combines the most wanted and important characteristics or many natural and synthetical fibers; TENCEL® is soft as silk, strong as polyester, easy to care or as acrylic, cool as linen, warm as wool and more absorbent than cotton.

Kapok >>

Kapok is an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic fiber, is odorless and there are no pesticides needed to grow kapok. A fabric with kapok feels silky and almost lighter than cotton, breathable and temperature-regulating like wool.

Babycamel >>

Camel hair is considered to be a luxury fiber and can be used 100% or in blends with wool. The fiber has similar properties to wool and is warm in cold weather. The fiber is a white to light fawn colour in young animals and darker and coarser in adults. It can be lightened by mild bleaching, but this can detract from the soft feel of the fiber. Therefore babycamel hair is more expensive than adult camelhair.


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