How to wash a woven wrap

It is really tempting when your new wrap has just been delivered to you, to wrapping your baby immediately. This, however, is not recommended. By washing your wrap first, the threads will be better fixed, which prevents threads from shifting. Always make sure you first check your wrap carefully and then give it a bath first, before wrapping your baby in it!

Soaking tips:

Before washing your wrap, we recommend you to soak it in a bucket of water overnight. If you would like to, you can add a dash of white vinegar, which removes ‘appret’ (= a glue-like material that makes the threads of your wrap stiff). This week is not necessarily needed but is allowed. But beware: not all materials may be soaked.

These fabrics can be soaked: Wraps with cotton, linen and/or hemp.
These fabrics can not be soaked: wraps with silk, wool, and/or bamboo.

Washing tips:

  • Always wash your wrap according the washing instructions on the label. Especially the first time, do not wash it cooler than what the instruction says. Washing your wrap fix the threads better in place.
  • Woven wrap with wool, silk and/or bamboo are most likely to be hand washed.
  • If possible, wash your wrap apart from other clothing. If you do wash your wrap together with other items, pay close attention to hooks, zippers and velcro fasteners: these can damage your wrap.
  • Only use detergent without bleaching agents. Bleaching agents are known to affect the fibers. For delicate materials such as wool, silk and bamboo, use an appropriate (wool) detergent without lanolin.
  • Do not use fabric softener. You would think that it softens your wrap, which might be the case. But it has another (damaging) effect: it increases the risk of shifting threads and therefore possibly makes your wrap unsafe.

Drying tips:

  • Always follow the instructions on the label!
  • Always dry a wrap with delicate material (wool, silk, bamboo) laying flat.
  • Although it increases your drying time significantly, we do not recommend drying your wrap in a tumble dryer as it wears out the fabric much quicker (just like clothing).

Ironing tips:

Look carefully at the washing label to see on what temperature your sling can be ironed. The latter in particular is important for delicate materials such as wool, silk and bamboo. Ironing with steam might slightly soften wrap (do not use steam to delicate materials).

© Slings & Things is not reliable for any damage that occurs to your wrap when following these tips. Always follow the instructions on the washing label attached to your wrap. The above information is not legally binding. A washed, ironed, or used wrap cannot be exchanged or returned. 


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