Woven wraps are our favourites! They are the most ergonomic of all kinds of carriers, for you as for your child. The weight is evenly distributed over your shoulders, back and hips. That’s why you will find wearing with a woven wrap very comfortable!

You can wear your child in a woven wrap directly from birth, to pre-school age easily. You don’t have to adjust anything, the woven wrap will form itself over you and your child. A woven wrap will Always fit, how big or small you or your child will be.

Woven wraps

Is a woven wrap a good idea for my baby? Absolutely, because you carry your baby in te most natural position possible!

With a woven wrap you can wear on your belly, back and hip. What kind of carry you can do depends on the length of your wrap. You will wear your child facing you at all times, so you carry him/her in the most natural position possible. With an arched back, knees up high and bum low. With a little practice you can learn to carry your child with a woven wrap easily. Do you still have some trouble with the carry, or do you want some tips to optimize your carry? Consider a babywearing consultation!

Why a woven wrap?

  • Easy to do
  • Suitable from birth
  • For premature babies too (with a thin and soft wrap)
  • Usable for a few years: to pre-school age
  • Perfect head- and necksupport.
  • Create the most optimal position
  • For beginners and experienced babywearers
  • A lot of options in colors and materials

There are a lot of different brands, that’s why we have a lot of options. To make it a bit easier for you, we explained the characteristics of all materials and woven wraps on this page.


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