We Love The Planet deodorant

We Love The Planet Sweet SerenityWhat started as a bit of a joke, ended in a true enthusiastic conviction of this new deodorant. My new must-have for sure! A deodorant that needs to spread by hand, what good can come from this? That’s what I thought when I held the little jar of the We Love The Planet deodorant in my hands. While I previously never had a strong body odor, it became a different story during pregnancies. During my first pregnancy, I had already spent a fortune on (role-on) deodorants, just to find one that could mask my previously always absent but now suddenly present odor. About a year after the birth of my daughter this complaint disappeared and I switched to a more natural alternative. Because: conscious decisions are part of a mature adulthood. So, taking into account the nature and our beautiful planet, I chose an ecological one.

Until my second pregnancy announced itself with, after a couple amount of weeks, the increasing body odor. I immediately went to grab my non-ecologic deodorant and thankfully it still did the trick. Then one day, I held that little jar. And to be honest, I had to laugh about the idea. Because, practical as I am I did not see the benefits of having to take out and spread the deodorant with my (bare) fingers under my armpits. If I would be open to testing it? Well, yea sure because it certainly did stimulated my curiosity. Plus, what if this ecological alternative actually is capable of fighting my hormone-bomb? And so I did; I chose the subtle fragrance Sweet Serenity.

This really is amazing, I am convinced!

The first day after showering, I picked up some from the jar and am amazed at the texture. I can not describe it other than that it’s a bit powdery. A dry cream or something like that. Somehow makes sense, because a very oily substance under your armpits which sticks to your clothes wouldn’t be ideally. The day passes and
I anxiously check the status under my armpits frequently. Throughout the day, yes really, the WHOLE day it still smelled like Sweet Serentiy. While my other deodorant lost its own scent, my armpits just still smell pleasantly. A subtle fragrance, certainly not a heavy deodorant scent. The same counted for day two.

On the third day I decided to create a bigger challenge: I went to a playground with my toddler, which includes the corresponding physical activities (read: join her in scrambling, because doing so on your own is not enough fun). And, it surpassed all my expectations. Again, I still smell Sweet Serenity! This is so great, I’m convinced! And applying it with my fingers, I’ll take for granted!