Would you like to carry your baby in a wrap that is soft, comfortable and strong at the same time? Preferably one that doesn’t require complicated wrapping techniques? Then the stretchy wrap is definitely for you!

Is wrapping with a stretchy wrap really that easy? The answer is: yes!

You wrap it before putting your baby in the stretchy wrap, in other words: you do not need to wrap your sling while having your baby in the sling already. You simply put your baby into place, spread the fabric from knee to knee and you’re ready to go! Even daddy’s can easily wrap with a stretchy wrap.

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The stretchy wrap is often purchased to carry newborn baby’s. The fabric is really soft, making it very comfortable to both you and your baby. Stretchy wraps provide optimum head and neck support, which is especially important when baby is falling asleep. You do not need to re-tie the wrap: simply move your baby’s head under the shoulder strap. It doesn’t matter how long your baby’s legs are: you can always stretch the fabric to the knees to assure the ideal posture. In a way, the stretchy wrap is completely ‘custom made’, as it forms to the contours of your and your baby’s body. Stretchy wraps are only suitable for front carries with your baby facing you (belly to belly). This way, you create the perfect posture for your baby: a rounded back and it’s legs in a ‘frog position’.

Why a stretchy wrap?

  • Easy to wrap.
  • Immediately soft.
  • Suitable for newborns.
  • Optimum head & neck support.
  • Create ideal posture.
  • For both beginning and experienced babywearers.

You can use a stretchy wrap from birth, but it differs per brand and per type how long you can use the wrap. you can easily use a stretchy wrap up to 9 to 10 kilograms, but some brands tested their wraps up to 18 kilograms! It all depends on whether you still carry your baby comfortably. Do you already have a stretchy wrap and are you looking for something else? Please read more in our woven wraps section.

There are many different brands, resulting in a wide variety of choices! To ease your search, we listed all characteristics of all stretchy wraps on this page.


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