Mysterybox ★★★★ (Delivery time approx. 5 days)

  • Mysterybox

    Do you like surprises? Or can’t pick what you like best from our webshop? Order a Mysterybox!
    You can let us know a few things about you and your child(ren), and than just wait and see what you get.. that’s excited! We can assure you, that the value of the products in the box is more than the price you have paid.

    Are the type of person who knows what she/he wants? The Mysterybox might be a little too excited for you. Do you like a challenge and surprise, don’t hesitate and order your Mysterybox today. A lot of others went ahead of you!

    Be aware: we don’t want you to make the Mysterybox for us. The asked items aren’t 100% guaranteed. We will try to add at least one of your ‘wishes’ in our box.

    Slings & Things offers 4 kinds of boxes; the Try out, the Standard, the Extra and the Deluxe.

    Mysterybox Try Out: A real introductory-box for those who want to try out the concept Mysterybox without overspending. In this box you can find a ringsling, stretchy wrap or shortie but it doesn’t have to. The value of the box is approximately €88,-.

    Mysterybox Standard: A nicely filled box, let us surprise you! You can find a wrap, ringsling or carrier to the value of €130,-. Value of the box is approximately €172,50

    Mysterybox Extra: Our bestseller! This box contains just a bit of extra, more things to upack! Maybe even a wrap AND carrier or a nice babywearing vest or hoodie. Value of the box is approximately €240,-.

    Mysterybox Deluxe: The most beautiful and luxury box we offer, for those who don’t find the first three boxes exciting enough! We will go crazy and make the perfect box for you. Value of the box is approximately €360,-.


    *What Mysterybox would you like to order?

    • 80 €
    • 150 €
    • 200 €
    • 300 €

    You can fill in more sizes if the box is for more children.


    More options possible.


    It’s no guarantee that you get the asked products in your box.
    You can put the names of the wraps/carriers you already have here too (so you won’t get them again).


Mysterybox by Slings & Things

Interested in the Mysterybox by Slings & Things?
Thanks to the many requests we get for our Mysterybox, the deliverytime is set on 5 working days.
It takes a lot of time to put a great box together. Please keep the deliverytime in mind when ordering the box.

Additional information

Exchange or return

You can return the Mysterybox if you don’t like what we put in it. Note: only a full Mysterybox can be returned. It’s not possible to keep certain items or exchange parts of the Mysterybox.


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