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Every Wompat is handmade in Finland by Wearababy, and it is one of our favourite ergonomic carriers! It’s firm, colorful and unbelievably comfortable. The backpanel is made of Girasol or Vanamo woven wrap fabric, and it has an awesome pointy sleeping hood. The padded shoulderstraps are made out of corduroy or cotton and feel lovely on your shoulders. We reccomend the Wompat for everyone who is looking for the most comfortable carrier ever.

The Wompat is fully adjustable, so you can adjust the waistbelt, the padded shoulderstraps and chestbelt excactly to fit you properly. You don’t have to tie anything so it’s practical, fast and easy! Your child is in the perfect position and the weight of your child is distributed evenly over your upper body which makes optimal comfort possible for almost everyone!

  • Unique design.
  • With a pointy sleeping hood.
  • Padded shoulderstraps.
  • Easy to wear: only 2 clips.
  • Comes with English manual.

What size Wompat do I need?

The sizes of the Wompat are different then the sizes Wearababy indicates.
We advise you to follow this sizes:

Wompat Baby: Size 62-68 to size 86
Wompat Medium: Size 74 to size 92
Wompat Toddler: Size 80 to size 98
Wompat Pre-School: Size 86 to size 104

Did you find the perfect Wompat?

Slings & Things has a big stock of Wompats, but we can order one for you from the shop of Wearababy. It’s also possible to order a ‘custom’ Wompat. You can choose the color of the padded shoulderstraps, the fabric for the backpanel and for the sleeping hood. And even which part of the fabric they use for the backpanel. The price of a custom is on request because it can vary. Are you interested in a custom or did you see a beautiful Wompat in the shop of Wearababy? Contact us via e-mail!

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