Rubens Barn Baby Nora
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Rubens Barn Baby Nora


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Product Description

Rubens Barn Baby Nora

Rubens Barn Baby’s are a soft baby dolls. It’s is a delightful empathy doll with eyes that look up at you. He is weighted and modelled to give a ‘real baby’ feel. Rubens Barn Baby’s are anatomically correct, with cute ‘boy or girl bits’ and a weighted snuggly bottom. The mouth is made to make bottle feeding seem real and has a little tongue inside which can be poked out when it’s feeling cheeky. They can also suck their thumb!

Additional Information


Rubens Barn Baby


45 cm long and 700 grams heavy

Suitable from age

0 years

Washing instruction

The clothing is hand wash, The doll can be washed in the machine on low speed

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