Are you looking for a carrier that you can wear in a few seconds? Our ergonomic carriers are easy, secure and comfortable.  They create the optimal position for your child, it is well supported and the weight is evenly distributed across your upper body.

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A carrier is very easy to use: most of them work with buckles that are very easy to adjust. And if you are the only person using the carrier, it is not necessary to adjust it each time. Only 2 clicks and go! There are carriers without buckles also: they work with Velcro. A carrier that closes with Velcro is ideal when you change between different persons wearing the carrier. You don’t have to adjust buckles, just close the velcro. Maybe you find it more comfortable to wear a carrier without buckles, it’s very personal: each carrier gives a different babywearing-experience!

Slings & Things offers a wide range of babycarriers, toddlercarriers and pre-school carriers. On the following pages you will find more information about our ergonomic baby carriers.

Overview ergonomic carriers

This is why you want to choose a carrier!

  • Quick and easy to put on.
  • Secure and comfortable.
  • Creates the ideal position.
  • Optimal support.
  • No long piece of fabric that is getting dirty when you are outside.
  • For every size and posture there is a perfect carrier.
  • Doesn’t get hot very fast, because it’s open on the sides.
  • With a hood on each carrier to support the head of your child during a nap.
  • For both novice and experienced babywearers.



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