Are you looking for a method to wear your baby in, which can be worn very fast and easy? A ringsling is a good idea!

A ringsling is fast and easy! You pull the fabric through the rings and pull tight– easy does it.

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A ringsling is an assymetric ‘carrier’ made of woven wrap fabric. It’s a short piece of fabric (varies from 1,7 to 2m.) with two rings on the end. To wear a ringsling, you just pull the fabric through the rings and pull the fabric snug. This creates a beautiful position for your child very fast. Can be worn on your hip and on the front. A ringsling doens’t necessarily have a difficult tying method and your child will be in the most comfortable position quickly. Because you wear on one shoulder/hip, the weight isn’t distributed evenly. This makes the ringsling ideal for short periods of wearing, not for long walks. If you have problems with your back we advise you to look at a babywearing method which distributes the weight evenly over your torso.

Do you have a kid who is curious? If your child wants to look around in the wrap or carrier, he/she might get a little restless. Don’t wear your child ‘face forward’, this position isn’t ergonomically. With a ringsling you will wear on your hip so your child will be able to look around. When he/she gets tired, it’s possible to go to sleep. He or she will continue to be supported very well.

Why choose a ringsling?

  • Easy and fast to wear.
  • Strong and comfortable.
  • Suitable directly from birth.
  • Ideal for kids who want to look around to see the world.
  • Optimal support.
  • Creates the perfect position.
  • For beginning ánd experienced babywearers

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