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I have a question, can I call you?

Yes, that is possible. We prefer contact by e-mail. When we are busy in the store, you will be connected to our voicemail. Try to call again in half an hour if possible. Do you want to have a quick answer to your question, fill in the contact form. We strive to answer your question within 24 hours.

FAQ about babywearing

Wrapping with a babywrap looks difficult, can I learn to so this?

Sure you can. With almost every wrap you buy, you get a manual with a few types of carries. On YouTube you can find a lot of "babywearing tutorials" for example: Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC). It's important you feel secure about wrapping with a babyweap. Sometimes you will need a bit of help, in that case you can book a babywearing consultation.

FAQ about ordering

Can I order a wrap in size 8 or 9?

Yes you can! We don’t have a lot in stock in size 8 or 9, but with a lot of suppliers we can order this size for you. Contact us for more info!

Practical questions

Do I have to wash my new wrap or ringsling before the first use?

You don't have to, but we do recommend to do so, to prevent threadshifting. Check the care-label for instructions. Only use a bit of detergent, NO softener. After the first wash, your wrap will feel softer then before, which makes it easyer to wrap with.

How do I soften up my new wrap?

Most wraps soften up after the first wash. After the first wash, you can iron your wrap (check the care label first!) or just sit on it. But what makes your wrap floppy: use it a lot to wear your baby with!

What does my child have to wear when in a wrap?

Around freezing point: jacket + scarf + half under your jacket. Around 5 degrees: jacket + scarf + hat. Around 10 degrees: thin jacket or vest. Around 15 degrees: normal clothes. Around 20 degrees: airy clothes. Around 25 degrees: only a bodysuit. Above 30 degrees: no more babywearing. These are guidelines, you have to try yourself as what is best for you and your baby.


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