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Do you use slingrings? With finishes, for a dollsling or to make a no-sew ringsling with a short woven wrap? Very often we get the same question in our mailbox: ‘Which size slingrings do I need?’ The answer can be found here! Above you see an image of 3 sizes slingrings, size S, M and….. Lees verder

Review Way 2 Play Highway

Today me and my 2 year old son, Jamie, tested the Way 2 Play Highway. Way 2 Play is packed in a sturdy cardboard box which can be reused to store the road parts. The road parts are very flexible but also very sturdy. This is very useful if you want to build your road….. Lees verder

We Love The Planet deodorant

What started as a bit of a joke, ended in a true enthusiastic conviction of this new deodorant. My new must-have for sure! A deodorant that needs to spread by hand, what good can come from this? That’s what I thought when I held the little jar of the We Love The Planet deodorant in….. Lees verder

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