Interested in the Rose & Rebellion carrier? Slings & Things is the place to go! All models can be sent from our stock immediately. The Rose & Rebellion is a sturdy carrier with wide shoulder straps, that distribute the weight of your child over your torso perfectly. 

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Rose & Rebellion

The Rose & Rebellion is a good choice because:

The Rose and Rebellion is a great follow-up for the baby carriers we have. With carriers that can be used from birth, you can not usually offer the best possible support: a toddler in a baby carrier is still ergonomic, but you can wear a toddler carrier that is designed for toddlers more comfortably


After long deliberation, trying and testing we chose this Rose and Rebellion and we are happy with such a good choice. It’s comfortable, is super easy to adjust (very easy when multiple use it) And what I find a great option; it’s a two-sided carrier, you can wear it with of without the print on the back.


A lovely carrier! Although I can’t wear it always husband steals it from me every time! Luckily the sight of my toddler on the back of my husband is a great sight too! Nice wide waistbelt, you can’t feel the weight! It distributes the weight evenly.

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