Interested in a Boba baby carrier? That’s very affordable at Slings & Things. All models of Boba 4G and the Boba X are available from our stock and can be shipped immediately. A Boba Carrier is an ergonomic baby carrier, comfortable for you and your baby. They are comfortable baby carriers and you won’t feel the weight of your child when tightened properly.

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The Boba 4G carrier is a good choice because:

The Boba Carrier 4G is the carrier for you if you want to buy ONE ergonomic baby carrier that can be used from birth up to 4 years. The Boba Carrier 4G is innovative and unique! The infant insert is a two-stage insert so you can also carry your newborn baby comfortable in the Boba. The carrier isn’t just perfect for babies but for bigger children also due to the high back panel and the included foot straps. It is a carrier that truly grows with your child!

The back panel of the Boba 4G is much higher than those of similar carriers, which ensures that your baby is optimally supported. The foot straps ensure that – even when the carrier is actually too narrow – they create the perfect ergonomic position for your child. The Boba Carrier is fully adjustable so you can adjustthe waist, the padded shoulder straps and chest strap to fit snug. Your child is in the ideal position and its weight is evenly distributed across your torso, allowing maximum comfort possible with any posture.

The Boba X is a good choice because:

The Boba X is an ergonomic carrier which you will enjoy for a long time. You can use it from birth until your child reaches 86/92. The Boba X can be adjusted in width and height, that way your child can be worn without the use of an infant insert immediately. The carrier comes with seat extenders which can be connected to the carrier very easy. That way you can enjoy the carrier for a bit longer, and make sure your child is supported from knee-to-knee.


“The Boba X is a great carrier. It is very easy and quick to put on, so it is perfect to grab onto during a crying hour of our son. Once he is in the carrier, he falls asleep immediately!


What a lovely baby carrier is the Boba 4G! The infant insert also works well for smaller babies. The carrier can be adjusted very easy. With the sleeping hood on, my daughter can sleep perfectly, even in bright sunlight it’s convenient for my child. We bought the Boba for my husband, but we use it daily now. Really love the carrier!

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