Interested in the Beco carrier? Slings & Things has the biggest assortment of the Netherlands. A Beco Toddler carrier is the best choice if your child is in size 86 and up (so really from the moment your child is 86 cm long).

In a Beco Toddler your bigger child is well supported, an can be worn to 27 kilo’s! It doesn’t matter what posture you have; the Beco Toddler is fully adjustable what makes it a great carrier for everyone. We are fans!

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The Beco Toddler is a good choice because:

 The Beco Toddler is a great successor to the carriers where your child actually has grown to big for. With carriers that can be used from birth, you can not usually offer the best possible support: a toddler in a baby carrier is still ergonomic, but you can wear a toddler carrier that is designed for toddlers more comfortably. And that is the Beco Toddler: it is a big carrier which will support your child perfectly for a long time!

From size 86 and up, your baby will have the best position with his weight evenly distributed over your torso. This makes optimum comfort possible for you and your child. The Beco Toddler is fully adjustable so you can make the waist, the padded shoulder straps and chest strap to fit snug. Your child is in the ideal position and its weight is evenly distributed across your torso, allowing maximum comfort possible with any posture!

On the waist belt is a small pocket attached and you’ll get a bag with it which you can click-on to the carrier, convenient to store the sleeping hood, your house key or any other small item so you do not always need to carry a bag with you! The Beco Toddler shoulder straps can be used both straight and crossed, something that can not be done with many other carriers!

To make the story short; Beco Toddler is a great carrier for bigger kids and their parents!


 I was pleasantly surprised that my daughter of 4.5 years fit so beautiful in the Beco Toddler fit! Thanks Slings & Things for your advice!


 I have not found any carrier who could carry to 27 kilos! My son is only 3 but he is a bit chubby. In the Beco Toddler he fits perfectly. We are very happy.


My wife likes to carry with wraps, I’d like to have a carrier that is ‘easy’. We went to the store of Slings & Things to fit multiple carriers, and the Beco toddler was my favourite by far! Our daughter is in size 92 and is comfortable in the carrier. For myself, I found it important that it was still comfortable when we went for a long walk, and the Beco Toddler is. Still happy with our choice!

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