Babies naturally have skin hunger. By wearing your baby you wear him close to you, so that he can hear the calming sounds of your heartbeat and your voice. He feels your movements and the warmth of your body heat. All of these this gives your baby a familiar feeling. After all, he/she had similar experiences in the womb for 9 months. Wearing your baby in a sling reminds him/her of that pleasant and secure feeling.

Carrying your baby enhances the bond between wearer and child. It creates a special interaction and has a positive influence on the development of the baby. Cry babies and babies with colic may be calmer when carrying them. Even babies with reflux have benefits when they are carried upright.

Carrying your child in a woven wrap is much more comfortable as to wearing them on your arm. By using a sling you will have your both hands free, allowing you to do other things. This comes in very handy, especially when having more than one child!


A sling is ideal for indoors, as well as outdoors. for example when going out shopping, while making use of public transportation, going for a walk in the forest or spending a day at the beach… All situations in which a sling is a lot more convenient than a stroller. You are more mobile and a sling hardly takes up space.

But most importantly: wearing your baby is enjoyable! Having your child so close to you is the best feeling that exists. A kiss on his head or a fully satisfied child that falls asleep on your chest/back. The right carrier allows you and your child to enjoy these precious moments until well into the toddler or infant time.


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